2 step process

2 step processAs I mentioned in previous posts, our plan is to move from our home in Ottawa and live in our condo cottage in Lac Sainte-Marie, Quebec.  Our daughter will be attending school in this small community for a few months before we head off to France and so we must register her in school.  Today we met with the administration and completed the paperwork to have her start in September 2015 at the local school.  This will be quite a change for her as well since she’s used to a large school setting, outdoor portables and large class sizes.  The principal of her new school explained that her class of grade 4 is mixed as a grade 3/4 and only has 14 students.  What a change this will be for her, she loves school and teachers have a big impact on her so I really hope it’s a good one to make this transition easy on her.  She is most excited about the 6 swings that are in the school yard and the large green space.  I hope she loves it, I really do.  We will now be living in our 1000 square foot condo, attending smaller school and living much simpler already.  It feels great!

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