Telling Mom & Dad

Dear mom and dadFirst things first, we must tell our parents.  With the best of intentions we really wanted to tell our folks about this in person BUT we simply couldn’t do it.  With social media quite prevalent in our society, spreading the word can  literally be done in a matter of minutes.  We started by telling groups of friends that we spent time with, luckily we had a big event for the Canadian Ski Patrol mid-April with everyone in one room we were able to let the heads in charge down lightly that hubby was not coming back to roster as a ski patrol this year.  With excitement, the folks in charge understood, congratulated us and were thrilled about our venture.  Once you tell one person it could easily be leaked even though you specify to not tell anyone!  Our fear was that someone would spill the beans, and not knowing we didn’t speak to our parents yet, would go public on social media and broadcast it publicly for our parents to see and then the back peddling would commence.

So without further ado we called my husband’s parents, now before we go on I must warn you that my husband is the first born, he holds a special place in his mom’s heart and has pulled off some crazy stunts in his life (stories for another time) and so his mom is a bit weary of the calls that start with “we have some news”.  We explained to mom what our plans were and she of course started to cry but then decided she couldn’t speak to us and hung up!  Yes I said she hung up on us, in shock I began to cry and really reconsidered our decision asking myself what were we doing, was this the right decision. The good news is she called back within a few minutes, and was ready to talk, listen and understand the plan better.  The plan, we have a plan, don’t you worry – with T’s crossed and I’s dotted and that made my mother in law feel better.  Our decision to tell her over the phone really couldn’t have been a better one, I cannot imagine having told her this in person, spending the entire weekend at their home 5 hours away from ours and reliving the scenario for the whole weekend (sorry Helen!). 

Next my parents, well my parents are easy they live 2 hours away, we don’t see them that often anyway and I always have been very independent since I’m the oldest with my younger brother being 7 years my junior.   They understand my life as hectic as it is and encourage me to do what they never could.  My mom was very excited for us, cried of course but realized that this was a wonderful opportunity for us as a family.  My parents have never left Canada and are home bodies, my mom immediately said she wants to get her passport and come visit.  That’s the reaction I was looking for and wow what a weight off our shoulders.

We began telling our friends as we saw them and explaining our journey as we think it will happen.  Our plans to travel, to ski in the Alps, to visit other countries and to experience life in a simpler way – less stuff, more experiences!  Next step figure out where we want to settle.


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