Exploration trip!

The time has come for us to go explore our new destination Aix-Les-Bains, France!  Hubby and I are going without our daughter, the goal – school registration, get an apartment, explore.  We flew KLM from Toronto to Amsterdam and from there we had a small connecting flight to Lyon, France.  We had planned on a train or bus to Aix-Les-Bains from Lyon as it is only 1 hour away.  Well all good plans must fail to really test you.  Extreme fog in Amsterdam cancelled our flight to Lyon, so after waiting hours in a transfer line, we took to social media and Twitter saved us.  KLM responded to our “tweets” and booked us a flight to Paris and then to Lyon.  We literally flew into Paris and had 20 minutes in Charles de Gaulle Airport just enough to get a much needed cafe au lait and baguette sandwich!

Once arriving to Lyon we were shocked to know that the buses are trains end at 11pm, we had planned to be there in the morning and really did not anticipate having to make other arrangements.  Did you know you could pay upwards of 300 euros for a cab to Aix-Les-Bains from Lyon – yes that’s right.  We had very few options and our info desk lady saved us by finding a very cute, very tiny hotel room at a reasonable price.

Tiny Ibis Budget Hotel Room

This would be fine except that you have to remember that we’ve made tons of appointments to see apartments on Monday morning, oh well roll with the punches and get some sleep – we’ll start fresh in the morning.  As we rolled into Lyon first thing the next day lugging our huge bags through Monday morning workday foot traffic, we were humbled.  Even though I speak French I learned a great deal from this visit.  I asked a lot of questions of many customer service staff and they were all very helpful but now I confirm the answers I get twice sometimes three times to truly understand their answers!

Long story short we made it to Aix-Les-Bains with 7 minutes to spare before our first appointment. Monday was busy, we visited many apartments and settled on a great spot.  Feeling tremendous that it was done we felt we had the whole week to enjoy the city right?  By Wednesday we felt deflated since we couldn’t close the deal with this property owner because of moving targets and logistics out of our control.  We started fresh and went to visit a place out of our budget.  As a mom my priority was to get registration completed at school and that was scheduled for Thursday with a city hall meeting in between to register our family before we can get our daughter in school.  We went to the appointment with hesitation and immediately settled on this stunning Apartment.  How could we say NO with those views.

Stay tuned for more pics of our adventure!

Our deck

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