The first week

We have a week off to explore our town, get settled in our apartment and get over our jetlag!  First things first we must buy a baguette, some cheese and some wine!  Being a true foodie I cannot wait to explore the many markets, grocery stores and specialty shops.  It is clear I have picked the right town from the start.  Markets, charcuterie (butcher shops), and cheese shops are located on every corner, I have died and gone to food heaven.  The market in Aix-les-Bains runs every Wednesday and Saturdays, it hosts vendors selling all types of produce, meats, candies, honey, meats, baked goods and so much cheese you cannot even imagine.  We bought a few different types including Tomme du Savoie, Gouda, Fromage de la chèvre and so many others.   In the first week we had easily 11 kinds of cheese in our refrigerator and equally as many bottles of local wine!

To eat and drink here is really quite inexpensive, fruit and veggies are priced very well especially with the Canadian dollar fiasco and prices of fresh items rising to extremes in Canada.  In winter most fruits and veggies come from Spain but cheese and wine are local and so prices are reflected and dangerously accessible!  You can purchase a baguette for €0.67 I wish I were kidding.  Luckily foods in France are without GMO’s so that helps but at that price how can you resist buying a fresh one every day!  With local wines ranging from €3.00 to €8.00 we have started to collect wine corks of different types we’ve tried.  Let’s see how long it will take to fill this jar!Our cork collection




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