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Travelling is fun no doubt but experiencing new cities, people, culture and so much more with a little one is the best.  Seeing the world through her eyes is so inspiring, enriching and gives me such a sense of graciousness.  Before we left on this big adventure my husband’s cousin, who works as a flight attendant for a WestJet, gave our daughter a passenger log book to track her flights.  Essentially when you hop on a plane, you give this book to a flight attendant to pass on to the pilot for his signature.  Inside this awesome little diary is a spot for the pilot to add the flight number, country details, his name, signature and to add a personalized message.  I’ve never seen one of these, it really is a cool idea and has been received with great confusion – in a good way of course.

I don’t think many flight crews have seen these and we get the best reaction.  In fact this little book has gotten us some pretty good perks!  For example on one of our Swiss Air flights the attendant gave us enough Swiss chocolate to last a month!  The best however was on our last trip to Lisbon (blog entry to come soon, I promise), the flight crew were so thrilled about this little book and of our adventure that they invited our daughter to go to the cockpit!  Cool? Very cool!  With a whole plane eyeing us, we of course took them up on that, the pilots showing us all of the buttons etc.   What’s amazing, the pilots invited our daughter to sit behind them while they landed the plane!!!  Now, if this were me I would have absolutely done it but… our daughter is shy and terribly cautious on the best of days, there was NO way she would do this, not even when the flight attendants told her that the pilots NEVER offer this but they were so inspired by our story!

So very cool, it’s not every day that you offered to assist in a landing!  As we go through the book after ever flight, I have to smile at what will be such a great piece of memory for her.  So grateful and lucky for every day we get to do this I cannot say it enough.  What’s next…? who knows but whatever country awaits us our little blue book is coming along!   Thank you auntie Adrienne!

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